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The Ultimate 7 Day Meal Plan For
Ulcerative Colitis

A Unique Dietary Approach That Has Helped Me Stay In Clinical Remission For Six Years
Are you following a restrictive diet because you fear certain foods will trigger another ulcerative colitis flare-up?
Do you feel frustrated, fed-up, and even confused with the whole world of nutrition because there’s so much conflicting advice about what you should eat…and what you shouldn’t eat…when you have ulcerative colitis?
Are you desperate for a clear eating plan to follow that’s straightforward – and doesn’t hurt your gut?

Our Bodies Are Screaming For Nutrients

Chronic digestive disorders are at epidemic levels these days – and nutrition is a big piece of the puzzle.
The wrong (so-called) ‘foods’ can literally hurt you, but real food can also play a very significant role in healing you too.
After all, it contains the very vitamins, minerals, and various other micronutrients which we rely on for the nourishment, repair, and replacement of our body’s cells.
Anyone struggling with ulcerative colitis right now has a body…
  • That’s screaming for nutrients.
  • That’s needing extra support to bring down inflammation.
  • That’s sending warning signs about your internal environment.
You’ll know those warning signs all too well: feeling like your guts are on fire, sharp pains in your gut, fatigue, bad reactions to foods you used to be able to eat, blood in the toilet bowl etc.

I Know Exactly How You Feel – I’ve Been There Too

I totally get it.
Because I’ve been there too, having developed severe ulcerative colitis back in 2017.
I was passing blood in the toilet up to 15 times per day.
Lost around 20lbs in weight.
I cut out food after food, to the point where I was eating the same boring, bland meals day after day.
I felt miserable. Looked like a super malnourished ghoul. Had zero energy (and this was even when taking meds).
As a former personal training and nutrition coach before I became sick, I was already heavily invested in studying diet and the workings of the body.
I was already well aware that the right nourishing foods are healing – and when coupled with positive lifestyle changes – can bring about real positive change.
Long story short, I found a way to reverse my ulcerative colitis symptoms naturally and I’ve been in clinical remission for nearly six years.
I’m now also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specialising in helping people with ulcerative colitis.
I feel so passionate about this because I know exactly how much this crappy condition can grind you down, along with the serious consequences further down the line if you don’t get things under control.

Your Colitis Diet Plan Doesn’t Need To Be So Difficult…

But what if I told you that your weekly diet doesn’t have to be such a nightmare?
And what if I told you that eating the right way to combat your symptoms and vastly reduce your chances of a flare-up happening is easier than you’re led to believe?
I have developed a unique dietary approach that has played a significant role in keeping me in clinical remission for the past six years.
I’ve not had a single flare-up in all that time.
I’ve been medication free all that time too.
Am I pretending that dietary changes alone can reverse ulcerative colitis symptoms?
No, in my experience other lifestyle changes are necessary too – and you can learn more about them on my blog and podcast Mission: Colitis Remission.
But it’s impossible to get well again by following old dietary habits and eating the processed crap that’s everywhere on supermarket shelves these days!
I know what nutritional steps to take to prevent flare-ups – and I know which troublemaker foods to avoid.
Just imagine being able to eat meals again without fear because you now have knowledge and confidence about what’s on your plate.
And just picture being able to take lunches to your work, or cook a tasty dinner with your partner, without stomach cramps or having to rush to the toilet afterwards.
It is entirely possible once you cut out the troublemaker ingredients, and consistently provide your body with the real, whole foods it’s absolutely starving for!

Introducing The Ultimate 7 Day Meal Plan For Ulcerative Colitis (Digital Download)

I created this 7 day meal plan for ulcerative colitis because I know that maintaining a healthy diet is where most people struggle – no matter what their health condition is.
But for people like you and me with an inflammatory bowel disorder, diet is even more tricky because our guts and sore and damaged, and certain foods can make the situation worse.
This 87-page ebook contains 33 delicious recipes that are nourishing and anti-inflammatory.
But this ebook is so much more than that.

Not Just An Average Meal Planner Or Recipe Book…

  • In Part One, ‘The Nutritional Foundations’, I share five key eating principles which will help reduce inflammation in your gut and improve overall digestive health.
  • In Part Two, ‘Keeping It Simple’, I lay out a simplified approach which will help you maintain this healthy way of eating…even if you’ve struggled with bad eating habits in the past.
  • In Part Three, ‘Weekly Eating Routine’, I share with you an example of my weekly meal planner, and a blank copy of your weekly planner.
  • In Part Four, ‘The Recipes’, you will find 33 ridiculously tasty recipes for main meals, super smoothies, and healthy snacks.
    * (And they’re easy to make…trust me, I’m no Masterchef!)
  • In Part Five, ‘Final Words’, we wrap up with some key lessons that I’ve learned over the past few years of successfully reversing my ulcerative colitis symptoms.

Printable Ulcerative Colitis Diet Plan PDF…

You will also receive an editable PDF version of the meal planner, which you can save to your phone/laptop and plan your meals for the week ahead.

Alternatively, you can print this out and handwrite your ideas into the meal planner document.

I genuinely care because I know how bad ulcerative colitis can get during flare-ups. I’ve experienced it in the past too.
I want you to get the best from this ebook.
That’s why I also invite book buyers to email me with any questions they may have about the recipes, dietary approach, or anything in the ebook at all.
So, why wait? By clicking to buy your copy today, you’ll receive this meal planner delivered to your email inbox within seconds.
Best of all, it’s produced specifically for people like you with ulcerative colitis…and has been written by someone who once struggled with ulcerative colitis but is now living pain-free.
Time to get started on a whole new dietary approach that can be a game changer for you!

Order Now For Just £29


When placing the order, you provide your email address and it’ll be sent to your inbox immediately. (Give it 1-2 mins to arrive). The ebook is in PDF format and is easy to download to your phone or computer.
It has 87 pages and can be read in around 30 minutes or so.

Most of the main meals contain meat and poultry. However, the majority of the soups, smoothies, and healthy snacks are vegan or vegetarian friendly.

⦁The main meals take anywhere from between 25 mins and 45 mins.
⦁The soups are cooked in roughly an hour.
⦁The smoothies are ready in under 5 mins.
⦁The healthy snacks are prepared in between 5 mins and 35 mins.

Not hard at all. These are simple recipes that are easy to follow.
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