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Good To Meet You...

Have you recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and feel desperate, depressed, or even confused about it all?

Or maybe you’ve had the condition for years, and are open-minded to exploring other options to finally rid yourself of painful flares and get your digestive health under control.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. My name’s Marc McLean – and I’ve been in your shoes. I know exactly how bad it can get when your colitis symptoms are at their worst.

The colitis health collapse...

I was passing blood and mucus in the toilet 10-15 times per day for months.

I dropped from a healthy weight of just under 11.5 stones to around 10 stones.

I actually began to fear my next meal because I was worried about my guts feeling on fire afterwards, and the pounding headaches that would come flooding in.

I was miserable and confused. My mind went into overdrive. At one point I thought I might actually have something like bowel cancer.

A Long Journey Searching For Answers

I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis in 2017. I was given the bleak prognosis: “It’s incurable…take these pills for the rest of your life.”

Having worked professionally as a journalist for the past 22 years, I naturally wanted to go digging to discover the root causes behind this condition. I wanted answers beyond the labels of “IBD” or “autoimmune disorder”.

Because, having been a health and fitness nut for the previous 25 years, and being an extremely health conscious person, none of this colitis/sickness/disease/just-deal-with-it crap made any sense.

Long story short, I went down the alternative health path – and discovered that there are many, many lifestyle changes we can make, biohacking tools we can utilise, powerful supplements we can introduce, and other natural health methods available to us to restore your gut health.

Marc McLean, founder of Mission: Colitis Remission

Reversing Your Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms IS Possible

I’m not claiming you’ll be magically cured. I’m not pretending that changes to your diet and a few supplements areenough to heal from ulcerative colitis. But I do strongly believe that each of us have the power to put colitis into remission naturally – and take back control of our gut health. It’s entirely possible when you fully understand the root causes of this inflammatory bowel disorder and take a full-picture, holistic approach toaddressing them. I reversed my long list of symptoms, restored my gut health, and have beenmedication-free for over 5 years. I’ve come across multiple other people who have done the same – and have interviewed them for my book and on my podcast. These days, I’m a gut health author, host of the Mission: Colitis Remission podcast, and an integrative nutrition health coach. * Not being a qualified medical expert, I’m not here to offer medical advice. That should be pretty obvious. However, I found a way to heal my gut and live a normal life again away from the misery of barely managing symptoms. I feel so passionate about helping other people do the same that I’vecreated this Colitis Remission platform. I genuinely care – because I know how bad UC can get. I want to spread positive information where we all support each other inovercoming this crappy condition, and get back to being the best versions of ourselves. If you’d like to connect and share your story, feel free to send me an email:
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