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Gut Healing Smoothie Recipe (Ready In 4 Mins!)

Gut health coach Marc McLean with his green gut healing smoothie.
Smoothies are the best friend of anyone with ulcerative colitis (I’ll tell you exactly why shortly)…but first let me introduce my Ultimate Gut Healing Smoothie Recipe.
Seven amazing ingredients.
One food blender.
Ready in under four minutes.
Let’s get cookin’…well, sorta.

So, in this article we'll cover:
#1 Five reasons why a healthy smoothie is the perfect ‘meal’ for a super sensitive colitis belly. #2 Each of the seven ingredients and why they support gut healing and overall health. #3 Why these gut healing smoothies have more nutrients in one shake than some people consume in a week.

But first, the drinks I used to guzzle out of plastic shaker bottles used to hurt my gut. I’ve been a gym nut since I was 16 years old and drinking a protein shake – made with milk and whey protein powder – was like a daily ritual.
I got it into my head that these shakes were crucial for me staying in shape, maintaining the gym muscles, and looking good on the outside.
Meanwhile, I was constantly bloated. I was farting like I had a trombone permanently lodged in my boxer shorts.
And I eventually discovered through the work of Ori Hofmekler, leading sports nutrition expert and author of The Warrior Diet, that standard whey protein shakes (especially with pasteurised cow’s milk) are a DISASTER for digestion due to the way these protein powders are processed.
Anyway, I was looking for a healthier alternative and came across plant-based protein powders, which are made from foods like brown rice and pea protein.
At the same time as swapping out my old whey protein powder that was difficult to digest and replacing it with the more absorbable and less allergenic plant-based protein powder, I also stumbled across some smoothie recipes.

I realised that these smoothies were a perfect answer for my digestive problems and helping to consume more nutrients more efficiently.

“You mean I can put more healthy ingredients into the blender…rather than just the milk and powder?”
Mind blown to pieces.
I started experimenting with all different types of smoothies, using various ingredients from blueberries and mangoes to flaxseed and spices like cinnamon and ginger.
Here’s the best part: I realised that these smoothies were a perfect answer for my digestive problems and helping to consume more nutrients more efficiently.
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Five Reasons To Drink These Gut Lovin' Smoothies

#1 They’re the perfect meal replacement for a super sensitive colitis belly.

I’m stating the obvious here but…our guts are not the same as the average person’s guts.
We react to more foods. Our intestines get inflamed more easily. We don’t absorb nutrients so well. Bottom line: meals are just harder work for us than the average human.
Which is a shame because we need food to, you know, stay alive.
The beauty of drinking a super smoothie is that it make the digestion process easier for your gut. All these ingredients are already blitzed and liquified, making the task less arduous for your already-struggling digestive system.

#2 It’s an anti-inflammatory smoothie

We can (and should) pick healthy, whole foods to chuck in that food blender. Foods which are known to be anti-inflammatory, such as bananas, blueberries, ginger etc.
These foods all assist with the gut healing process – and of course anything anti-inflammatory is required for this crappy inflammatory bowel disorder we’re dealing with.

#3 It’s really quick and convenient

Quite often we make bad food choices when we’re rushed and don’t have time to properly prepare a meal.
When you’re late for work, or you’ve been running after the kids all morning and your brain is fried, you’re hardly likely to start chopping vegetables and prepare a healthy omelette, alongside fresh fruit juice.
Nope, some unhealthy snack or a McDonald’s breakfast with cappuccino on the way to work is a much easier option on stress-filled days like those.
The beauty of these gut healing smoothies is that they can be whizzed up in minutes, poured into a shaker bottle, and off you go skipping to work like Mary Poppins high on life.
The recipe I’m about to share with you can be made in just 3-4 minutes.

#4 They’re all natural and jam-packed with nutrients

When you make one of these smoothies, you know exactly what is going into the drink. No added sugars, additives, preservatives, colourings, sweeteners, or dodgy E-number chemicals with names you can’t even pronounce like: Ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate
The whole food ingredients all mixed together also provide plenty of vitamins, minerals, and healthy plant compounds to nourish your body’s cells.

#5 They’re ridiculously tasty.

Not much else to say on that one.

The 7 Key Ingredients To My Favourite Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

The 7 ingredients in my gut healing smoothie recipe.
Okay, here are the seven ingredients – and the reasons why they’re good for your gut, your soul, your life…

#1 Organic oat milk – around 400ml

This is a much better alternative to cow’s milk, which is inflammatory and allergenic, and will exacerbate gut issues for virtually everyone dealing with ulcerative colitis.
Admittedly, there are some not-so-healthy oat milk varieties out there with added sugars and refined vegetable oils, such as canola oil.
However, there are still some good brands including Oatly here in the UK, which has an organic product containing only three ingredients: water, oats, and sea salt. You can buy this carton in most supermarkets.

#2 Frozen ripe banana – one

I usually peel a bunch of bananas on a Sunday and launch them into the freezer, so they’re prepared for the week ahead.
Make sure they’re ripe though because this is when their resistant starch is turned into simple sugars, which are more digestible.
Bananas are also hailed as an amazing digestive aid that “soothe the gut lining” by health guru Medical Medium Anthony William.
He says: “Bananas are also anti-pathogenic, and they’re an incredible prebiotic as well — meaning, for one, that at the same time they help destroy and eliminate unproductive bacteria in the gut by binding onto it, they feed beneficial microorganisms there.
“Bananas have antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. They soothe the intestinal tract.”
Plenty of reasons to eat ripe bananas daily.

#3 Avocado – one small-medium sized

I’ve gotta be straight up…I’d never eat an avocado on its own. I just find them bland and boring. But by adding them into my health smoothie I can reap all their health benefits.
Avocadoes are a fantastic source of healthy fats, and they’re also packed with numerous vitamins and minerals.
This article on Medical News Today lists 11 benefits of consuming avocado, with number seven being improved digestion.

#4 Spinach – a generous handful

Spinach is the perfect ingredient to include because It has anti-inflammatory properties that’ll help cool your inflamed digestive tract. It also reduces blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.
Apparently Popeye was onto something.

#5 Plant-based protein powder (optional) – one scoop

If you’re a fitness lover and routinely drink protein shakes, then you can easily add the powder into these smoothies. As mentioned earlier, I’ve found that plant-based protein powders cause less gut issues.
The one I use is either vanilla or chocolate flavoured Bulk Vegan protein powder, which is made from ingredients including brown rice, peas, and quinoa.
* (The vanilla or chocolate flavours also mask the strong flavours from the green ingredients we’ve just listed).
Additionally, this protein powder contains digestive enzymes to help with absorption, along with the natural sweetener Stevia – as opposed to dodgy sweetener, such as sucrose, which you regularly find in many whey protein powders.

#6 Coconut milk – 100ml to 200ml

Up to you whether you go for 100ml or 200ml, depending on how creamy you like the smoothie to be. The upside of including coconut milk is that it contains antioxidants.
It also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which is beneficial because inflammatory bowel disorders going hand in hand with a presence of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi etc) in your gut.
Coconut milk is also lactose free, so you’re going to get zero gut issues with this stuff. Did I mention that it tastes amazing?

#7 Ginger – a dash

We’re also going to include a little ground ginger. Ginger is well known to help with digestion, aiding issues like bloating and constipation.
If you go without the protein powder, then I’d advise using a little more ginger to help counter the strong flavours from the spinach and avocado.

Jam-Packed With Nutrients

With all of these ingredients combined in one shake, you get:
• Vitamin A.
• Numerous B-vitamins.
• Vitamin C.
• Vitamin E.
• Vitamin K.
• Calcium.
• Potassium.
• Magnesium.
• Manganese.
• Phosphorus.
• Zinc.
• Selenium.
Meanwhile, there are various other plant compounds and antioxidants, which help fight free radicals…and lower inflammation. Exactly what we want when working hard to restore gut health.
You can guzzle more goodness with one smoothie than some people get in an entire week. Enjoy!
Want to watch a demo video of me making this awesome gut healing smoothie? You can check it out on the Mission: Colitis Remission YouTube channel HERE.
Marc McLean

Marc McLean

Marc McLean is a 41-year-old health coach, journalist, and author based in Dumbarton, Scotland.

He is the founder of Mission: Colitis Remission, host of the podcast by the same name, and has been in clinical remission of ulcerative colitis since 2018.

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