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Top 10 Gut Health Tips You Really Don’t Wanna Miss…

Why pick up just one or two gut health tips when you can have 10?! As it’s the first birthday of the podcast, we’re right in the mood for celebrating…and have pulled together some of the best snippets from the amazing guests we’ve had on the show over the last 12 months. From dietitians and functional medicine experts to gut health authors and even comedians, we’ve had some incredible people sharing their stories and advice on how to heal the gut naturally (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, and IBS primarily). KEY MOMENTS 00:00:00 – It’s Been A Year 00:02:56 – Lexie Haren – Mineral Cocktails For Deficiencies 00:05:42 – Anna Van Echten – Do What Feels Right For You 00:07:33 – Matt Nagin – Two Surprising Keys To Healing IBD 00:11:21 – Heidi Moretti – 3 Key Supplements 00:13:23 – Gary Evans – Bathe In The Forest 00:17:15 – Ania Gackowska – The Power Of Belief 00:20:28 – Shann Nix Jones – Super Probiotics For Balancing The Gut Microbiome 00:25:34 – Mike Sweeney – All-Natural Constipation Solution 00:27:29 – Niraj Naik – Powerful Breathwork Practice 00:32:32 – Bethany O’Toole – Don’t Try To Fix Everything At Once CONNECT WITH THESE GUEST EXPERTS Lexie Haren – Anna Van Echten - Matt Nagin – Heidi Moretti – Gary Evans – Ania Gackowska – Shann Nix Jones – Mike Sweeney – Niraj Naik – Bethany O’Toole –
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