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Why Ancient Breathing Techniques Can Transform Your Gut Health | Niraj Naik

Discover the power of ancient breathing techniques for gut health transformation in this rollercoaster episode with Niraj Naik – the founder of global breathwork and meditation organisation Soma Breath. Yogic breathwork practices that were first used thousands of years ago are becoming increasingly popular these days for healing and improving wellbeing. But how exactly can they help you to heal your gut? How can something as basic as the breath work its magic on your dysfunctional digestive system? That’s the question our special guest Niraj is going to answer in this week’s episode. While he and his team at Soma Breath have helped countless people transform their health, Niraj only got onto that path after a serious struggle with ulcerative colitis. From passing blood 40 times a day and with a bleak future in front of him, Niraj went onto heal himself naturally and kickstart a phenomenal worldwide movement that’s helping others to reclaim their health and happiness. CONNECT WITH NIRAJ Website: Instagram: IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE, YOU’LL DISCOVER: * How Niraj managed to overcome ulcerative colitis after going back to his roots. * How to do specific ancient breathing techniques…and how Niraj supercharges the healing process by adding music and mantras. * He’ll also share an incredible story about doing deeper inner work – and discovering a surprise root cause of his gut issues. * …and please stick around to the end because Niraj also gives you free access to a powerful breathwork masterclass. KEY MOMENTS 00:00:32 – Introduction 00:04:10 – Career crisis followed by ulcerative colitis 00:08:40 – Turning to his Indian roots for healing 00:13:36 – Passing blood 40 times per day 00:18:06 – The breathing techniques explained 00:25:47 – Negative emotions affecting physical health 00:30:07 – Life-changing darkness retreat 00:34:38 – Powerful healing mantras 00:39:03 – Paradigm shifting for true healing 00:40:56 – Advice for overcoming ulcerative colitis
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